Visitors notices for the protected natural areas of Sarajevo Canton on the occasion of the May Day holidays

by ZPPKS_Elma

Due to the danger of fire, we warn visitors that during the May Day holidays, as in other periods, any kind of fire is prohibited in the protected natural areas of Sarajevo Canton. The damage caused by fires is enormous and requires years of repair.
We urge visitors to abide by the law, not to light a fire and leave it unattended, not to destroy nature and the environment because a little carelessness can have big consequences.
We also warn visitors to adhere to epidemiological measures, to keep their distance and not to gather in larger groups.
In the area of ​​the protected landscape “Bijambare”, a tourist train runs at regular times and with a limited number of passengers. A maximum of thirty visitors are allowed to be transported.
The Middle Bijambare cave has also been opened in Bijambare. A maximum of fifteen guided visitors enter at regular times.

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