Protected areas

We take care of the following protected natural areas


Trebević has long been the main picnic spot for residents of Sarajevo. Favorable geographical position, altitude, mild climate and natural beauty have been implanted in the hearts of nature lovers since the time of Austro-Hungary.

Vrelo Bosne

The area of ​​Vrelo Bosne is the spring part of the river Bosna, located southwest of the city of Sarajevo, below the slopes of the mountains Igman and Bjelašnica.


When you climb from the valley of the river Ljubina on the main road Sarajevo - Tuzla for about 150 meters above sea level, the traveler finds himself at the beginning of the vast Nisica plateau.


Bentbaša is a unique combination of natural and cultural-historical values. Among the cultural and historical values,these stand out, the Kozija ćuprija, the beginning as well as the beginning and the end of Sarajevo.


The area of ​​Skakavac is equipped with mountain furniture for staying in nature, rest and relaxation of the whole family.