Public Notice

by Mustafa Zvizdić

In view of the public’s interest in events related to the construction and felling of forests in the area of ​​Mountain Trebević, the Cantonal Public Institution for Protected Natural Areas informs the public that there are currently no interventions of any kind taking place in the area of ​​the “Trebević” Protected Landscape which are in violation of valid laws on nature protection, and that no work is carried out on the construction of business-residential, catering and similar facilities.

All activities on the construction of facilities take place outside the borders of Sarajevo Canton and are not included in the legally declared area of ​​the Protected Landscape “Trebević” managed by the Institution.

The Cantonal Public Institution for Protected Natural Areas carries out continuous supervision in this protected area and implements all measures and actions provided for by law under its competences regarding the protection and preservation of valorized natural values.

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