Signed Agreement on Co-financing of Bijambare and Stojčevac Development Projects 

by Mustafa Zvizdić

In the premises of the Ministry of Economy of the Canton of Sarajevo, on 20 December 2022, the Agreement on co-financing of projects for the continuation of the environmental improvement of Stojčevac and the improvement of forest stands in the area of​​Bijambare was signed.  The contract was signed by Minister Adnan Delić on behalf of the Ministry and Director Asad Jelešković on behalf of the Cantonal Public Institution for Protected Natural Areas.

Co-financing of two projects concerning the Institution was approved by public invitation. They represent the continuation of the ambient arrangement of Stojčevac and the arrangement of the area of ​​the Protected Landscape “Bijambare”.  The development of Stojčevac continues with the additional installation of wooden paths, and the project for the development of forest stands aiming at integral protection of the forest in the area of ​​Bijambare includes the removal of infected wood remains and a number of other activities that will contribute to better protection of biodiversity in these ecosystems.

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