Draft Flood Risk Management Plan Presented for the Water Area of the Sava River in the Federation of BiH (2024-2029)

by Mustafa Zvizdić

Organized by the Agency for the Sava River Water Area, the first public presentation of the Draft Flood Risk Management Plan for the Sava River Water Area in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the period 2024-2029 was held on 20 December 2022.  The public presentation was held at the “Hills” hotel in Ilidža and was attended, among the representatives of all relevant institutions, by expert associates of the Cantonal Public Institution for Protected Natural Areas from the domain of this area.

The flood risk management plan for the water area of ​​the Sava River is implemented as part of the project entitled “Technical assistance for the development of flood risk management plans for Bosnia and Herzegovina“, which is funded from the funds of the EU IPA II pre-accession fund and is implemented with the help of the Delegation of the European Union  in BiH.

At the presentation, six plans were presented: two for each entity, one for the Brčko District of BiH and an umbrella plan that will cover the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The purpose of the plan is to determine the goals of flood risk management in accordance with the principles of long-term sustainability, define structural and non-structural measures and manage flood risks both for local areas of high risk and for the water area of ​​the Sava River in FBiH as a whole.

It is expected that the public consultation will be completed by the end of April next year, after which the final version will be produced.  As it was pointed out at the presentation, measures have been identified that can realistically be expected to be implemented in the first six-year cycle, after which the plan would be revised.

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