“Sarajevo Outdoor Festival” at Skakavac

by Mustafa Zvizdić

In the organization of the Mountaineering Society “Skakavac” from Sarajevo, in cooperation with the Cantonal Public Institution for Protected Natural Areas and many other institutions, on 2 and 3 September, the “Sarajevo Outdoor Festival” was held in the protected area of ​​Skakavac, which gathered a large number of participants and visitors.

As part of this festival, the 7th Skakavac trail was held in which competitors from Austria, Bhutan, the Czech Republic, Montenegro, France, Croatia, Germany, Russia, the United States of America, Serbia, the United Kingdom and the host country – Bosnia and Herzegovina participated. 

Competitors took part in a marathon (42 km), a half marathon (21 km), a recreational trail (8.5 km), a race for public and private sector employees (4.5 km) – B2B and Canikross trail (7.5 km), on which the owners ran with their pets. The “Skakavac MBT Tour” mountain bike race was also held on a 16-kilometer circular track.

The outdoor sports and tourism fair “Enjoy Outdoor Sarajevo” was held on the Skakavac plateau, which brought together manufacturers and traders of sports equipment, producers of local and indigenous food, sports clinics, tour operators, sports associations and clubs. “Skakavac Climbing”, a show event in sport climbing on natural rock, was organized at the location of Bijele stijene – Skakavac. Several yoga training sessions were also organized on the Skakavac plateau for interested visitors.

At the end of the first day of the event, a concert of the group “Zoster” was held.

The “Skakavac Hike & Via Ferata” hiking tour was realized on Sunday, 3 September. Numerous participants started from Uževica, from where they took a forest path to the foot of the waterfall, then went to the Skakavac viewpoint and plateau, where they were presented with the natural and recreational potential of the “Skakavac” Nature Monument.

This event promoted the capacities and potential of the Nature Monument “Skakavac”, one of the jewels of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Such events contribute to its popularization beyond the borders of our country, putting it on the map of places in the world that should be visited without fail.

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