Protection of Forests from Fire

by Mustafa Zvizdić

Fire protection, permanent monitoring, fire service – these are very important segments in forest fire protection that deserve much more attention. Preventive action, material and technical equipment, footwear and training of employees for fire protection pay off if it is borne in mind that the damages that occur in forest ecosystems are incalculable.

In the area of ​​the “Skakavac” Nature Monument, a lightning strike on 24 August caused the occurrence of a fire, which was noticed by the nature supervisor at the same moment, and then, in cooperation with colleagues from “Sarajevo Forest”, located and brought under control.

The Cantonal Public Institution for Protected Natural Areas of Sarajevo Canton appeals and asks all visitors to the protected areas of Sarajevo Canton not to light fires or throw cigarettes. By all means, if you notice irresponsible individuals, open flames, the occurrence of fire or other illegal activities, to immediately notify the Institution so that it can act in a timely manner.

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