The Health Status of Linden Trees in the Alley of Ambassador in Bentbaša

by Mustafa Zvizdić

In the organization of the Cantonal Public Institution for Protected Natural Areas, on 18 October, a presentation of the results of the project „Investigationof the impact of abiotic and biotic factors on the health status and quality characteristics of linden trees in the Alley of Ambassadors in the Protected Landscape of Bentbaša“ was held in the premises of the Municipality of Stari Grad. Director Asad Jelešković greeted those present on behalf of the Institution and thanked them for their participation in this very important project.

The presentation of the results was specially organized in the Municipality of Strari Grad with the aim of drawing attention to the condition of linden trees and to the method of planting new trees from the aspect of preservation and protection. The lecturers were professors from the Faculty of Forestry of the University of Sarajevo, Prof. dr. Osman Mujezinović and Prof. dr. Sead Ivojević.

At the presentation, it was pointed out that it is important for all interested factors to coordinately join this project and form a working group in order to solve the problem of damaged trees and new planting in the Alley of Ambassador in Bentbaša as efficiently and quickly as possible. The sequences of the next moves have been defined, which rely entirely on the solutions proposed by the experts.

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