Development of Adventure Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

by Mustafa Zvizdić

A panel discussion entitled “ReShape ADVENTURE tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina” was organised by USAID and was held on 25 April in the hotel “Blanka” in Vlašić, in which representatives of protected areas in BiH, travel agencies and other organizations engaged in adventure tourism participated. The Director of Cantonal Public Institution for Protected Natural Areas, Asad Jelešković, participated too.

The aim of this discussion was to provide an opportunity for all adventure tourism operators and service providers to network, share knowledge and information about the industry with the expectation that this will result in more exciting and rich adventure tours across the country. The key successes and challenges that the representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina are facing were presented as well as the current situation regarding the number of visitors and future perspectives.

Different actors are of crucial importance in creating attractive and unforgettable adventure experiences. This session was dedicated to guides and operators, and all others who deal with adventure and face numerous challenges, new trends that are slowly overcoming the usual tourism.

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