A Delegation of the EUROBATS Advisory Committee visited Bijambare

by Mustafa Zvizdić

On 26 March,  a delegation of the Advisory Committee of UNEP/EUROBATS visited the area of ​​the Protected Landscape “Bijambare”.  The organization operates under the United Nations and deals with the protection of bats.

The participants visited the Middle Bijambare Cave and learned about the way of protection and monitoring of these sensitive ecosystems and species.  They praised the Institution’s efforts to preserve the species that have been recorded in this area by adjusting the entry times in the Middle Bijambere Cave and closing it during bat hibernation.

According to the latest monitoring, 24 different species of bats were recorded in the Bijambare area and in the Bijambare caves, some of which are very rare and endangered.  The benefit of this group of fauna, among others, is reflected in the reduction of the number of harmful insects.

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