“Vidikovac fest” Held in Trebević

by Mustafa Zvizdić

The “Vidikovac Fest” was held in the protected area of ​​Trebević, as part of the “Baščaršije Nights” festival on 2 and 3 July,  where numerous bands performed, including “Zabranjeno pušenje”, “Zoster”, “Skroz”, “Elemental”. The partners of this event were JU “Bosnian Cultural Center”, JP “Sarajevo” and Cantonal Public for Protected Natural Areas. The program also included sponsors, local community, non-governmental associations, international organizations and embassies of other countries in BiH.

The idea of ​​the festival is the affirmation of urban culture and its connection with the tourist offer of Sarajevo during the summer months, as well as the discovery of a new festival location – the plateau above the Sarajevo cable car on Trebević.

The special feature of this festival was daily program during which, in addition to music, events from other fields, e.g. culture, art, ecology and tourism, were held.

The “Vidikovac Fest” represents an excellent promotion of the protected area of ​​Trebević and its tourist potential, and it should be emphasized that thanks to the good organization and joint efforts of all partners, everything went smoothly, without any traces that a large number of visitors stayed in the area.

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