Trees Planted in the Great Alley

by Mustafa Zvizdić

Within the scope of the “Vrelo Bosne” Natural Monument, there is also the Great Alley, which represents exceptional aesthetic and ambient value. The large avenue consists of two rows of trees, chestnut on the outside and sycamore on the inside, with a total of 1,326 trees.  Trees were planted in the Great Alley between 1888 and 1892.

After trees were removed for remedial and safety reasons in the past years, the Cantonal Public Institution for Protected Natural Areas (Institution) started planting new sycamore trees on 14 March in places where diseased trees were previously removed. A total of 52 seedlings were planted.

In this way, the Institution wants to preserve the original state of this natural pearl.  The students of the High School for Environment and Wood Design from Sarajevo made a big contribution to today’s action.

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