More than  343,000 Visitors to Vrelo Bosne and Bijambare in 2022

by Mustafa Zvizdić

In the past year 2022, more than 343,000 tourists visited the Vrelo Bosne and Bijambare areas.

There were 286,201 visitors with paid tickets to Vrelo Bosne.  The largest visit was recorded in August, when there were 55,569 tourists in the area.  After August, the most visits were in July – 55,517 people.

The Bijambare area was visited by 57,710 tourists.  The highest attendance was in July – 12,494 tourists.  18,723 people visited the central Bijambare cave, and 47,664 tourists used the tourist train.

These data show that the number of visitors has returned to the average before the pandemic and is slightly lower than the record year of 2019.

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