Management Days of Protected Areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina

by Mustafa Zvizdić

The Cantonal Public Institution for Protected Natural Areas participated in the „Management Days 2023“ meeting organized by the UNDP project „Sustainability of Protected Areas in BiH“ from 17 to 19 October, at the „Vučko“ hotel in Jahorina which was funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the USAID project „Development of Sustainable Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina“.

The managers’ days aim to connect the managers of protected areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to establish cooperation, exchange experiences and identify future directions of development.

The theme of this year’s meeting was the adaptation of protected areas to climate change, and managers of protected areas had the opportunity to be panelists and present the challenges and opportunities that protected areas face when it comes to climate change. Also, there was a discussion about the financial mechanism for dealing with damages in case of natural disasters caused as a result of increasingly visible climate changes.

Managers of protected areas had the opportunity to exchange information and familiarize themselves with documents that are important for protected areas, which were adopted by the governments of the Federation of BiH, Republika Srpska, Brčko District, as well as at the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2022.

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