A Stay at Trebević is an Ideal Break

by Mustafa Zvizdić

After a ten-minute ride on the Sarajevo cable car, the people of Sarajevo can come to Trebević and spend some time in an area without smog and the usual city bustle.

Visits to the protected area of ​​Trebević are slightly higher on weekends, but they are not far behind on weekdays either. Because of easier transportation, people increasingly prefer short-term stays, literally for a moment to separate themselves from everyday life and worries, to breathe fresh air and rest their eyes on the beauty of the surroundings. And it has not yet happened that someone was disappointed by their stay at Trebević.

Every time visitors are greeted by some new content, a detail of the infrastructure that has been discreetly integrated into the area and that makes the stay more pleasant. Employees of the Institution take care of the area every day, including walkways and infrastructure, as well as cleanliness.

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