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The “Skakavac” Nature Monument

About the area
The 98 meters high Skakavac Waterfall is located in exceptionally beautiful landscape. Based on the conducted research and a large number of information gathered on spatial and time set up of biocenosis and ecosystems, very particular orography, geological and hydrological values, as well as high level of biodiversity, endemism and relictness of the plant, fungi and animal species, two studies related to this area have been developed: “Valorisation of the Natural Values of the Skakavac Area” by the Centre for Ecology and Natural Resources at the Faculty of Science (February 2001) and “A Study on Protection of the Wider Skakavac Range” by the Cantonal Institute for Protection of the Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage, Sarajevo (June 2001). These studies have been used as basis for the Decision on declaring a wider area of the Skakavac Waterfall a nature monument (Canton Sarajevo Official Gazette, No 10/02), that is for including the Skakavac Waterfall in the protected areas of third category, established in line with the IUCN criteria, and in line with the identified protected areas categorisation from the Law on protection of nature in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH Official Gazette, No 33/03), to preserve particular natural features. The Decision to declare the wider area of the Skakavac Waterfall a nature monument was taken at the session of the Sarajevo Cantonal Assembly held on 25 April 2002. It identifies the borders of the range, its overall size (1430.70 ha), spatial zoning (dependant on the level of protection three protection areas have been established), protection measures and provisions on use and management of this area.