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The "Vrelo Bosne" Nature Monument

About the area

The Vrelo Bosne area includes the source of the River Bosna, located southwest from Sarajevo, at the foot of Igman and Bjelašnica mountains. The area of Vrelo Bosne has always been considered an integral part of the area Ilidža - Vrelo Bosne - Stojčevac, as this area is inseparably connected through its natural, cultural and historic values. In terms of created values this area is also seen as one whole, particularly in terms of the tourism, spa and recreation.
The rich nature of this area, attracting a large number of customers, reflects in the resources of good potable water, thermal waters, forests, agricultural potentials, attractive locations for tourism and recreation, as well as in numerous cultural and historical heritage sites.
The Sarajevo Cantonal Assembly has passed the Law on announcing Vrelo Bosne as a Nature Monument Area at its session held on 25 May 2006. The Law announces the Vrelo Bosne Nature Monument and sets forth the borders of the range, the protected area category, spatial zoning, developmental objectives of the area protection, protection measures, interventions in the protected area, as well as use of natural values, management and financing, supervision, criminal, interim and final provisions (Canton Sarajevo Official Gazette, No 16/06).
This 603 ha nature monument is located in the area of Ilidža municipality.
In line with the above mentioned Law, the Management Plan for the Vrelo Bosne Nature Monument has been developed and adopted by the Sarajevo Cantonal Assembly in July 2006.